The Farm

Welcome to Keller Country

Our farm is a vestige of our values. That means we treat our land and livestock with respect, and we do our work with pride. Our diligence is evident in the quality of the products we provide to our community.

We believe quality meats are a matter of care. We practice good animal husbandry, and we handle our livestock with loving hands. Our family practices good livestock quality assurance—meaning, we raise our animals without physical defects or drug injections. Our cattle roam green pastures freely and have access to fresh, clean water all day long. They live happy, tended lives. When you buy meats from us, you’ll see the difference dignified care creates.

Our farmland receives the same careful treatment. We’re not another factory farm that plants and tills until the earth is raw and depleted. We care for all 130 acres of our fields with a mind for sustainability. This farm has been in our family for more than 100 years, and we plan to continue cultivating the land for the next century to come.

We invite you to experience Keller country for yourself. We’re always happy to inspire the next generation of sustainable farmers by hosting local 4H and school groups. Let us show you what mindful farming looks like.

Our Values

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